Dendritis Team wins the Mathematics of Planet Earth Competition 2017

The competition, was run by the Mathematics of Planet Earth CDT as part of the MPE CDT outreach programme which aims to motivate school students to engage with science and innovation, to encourage them to work together as part of a team and to engage them in a fun activity that is motivated by their curiosity and drive. The aim of the competition was to identify how the mathematical sciences can be useful in tackling our world’s problems. The finalists were invited to participate in a showcase event which has been held at Imperial College London on Wednesday, 7th June.


Dendritis Team, the overall winners of the competition, formed of Reuben Allison, Thaddeus Allison, Sam O’Connor and Dylan O’Connor, demonstrated how mathematical modelling can be used in the investigation of tree disease in the UK. To support their project, the team designed a 2 person board game and a computer game.


Runners-Up, Gumley House Convent School Team, formed of Maria Tagami, Seyi Towolawi, Rae-Nadine Pabroques, Sarah Kenny were presenting data on birth/mortality rates of developed and developing countries over time in the context of the sustainability of further world population growth, highlighting the growing pressures on the environment, global food supplies, and energy resources.


The winners were presented with their trophy, medals, Amazon vouchers and complementary gifts by Prof Jennifer Scott the MPE CDT Director at Reading. They were also given the opportunity to showcase their project within the Mathematics of Planet Earth Exhibition 2017. The runners-up of this year’s competition were presented with, medals, Amazon vouchers  and complementary gifts.

As well as taking home the awards, as part of their prize both teams enjoyed the guided tour of the Queen’s Tower at Imperial College London.

The MPE CDT would like to thank to Imperial College London, Department of Mathematics and Research on Changes of Variability and Environmental Risk Network for their generous contribution towards this event.