Isaac Newton Institute Satellite Programme, 30 August – 23 September 2022

Residential Workshop, 30 August to 23 September 2022

Geophysical fluid dynamics; from mathematical theory to operational prediction

at University of Reading

A month-long programme of talks, activities and workshops

A better understanding of the climate system is of great societal relevance, due to the importance of reliable environmental forecasts and the looming climate crisis. Recent scientific progress ranges from improving operational forecasting systems to abstract results on infinite dynamical systems. it is of vital importance to bring theses insights together in a proper interdisciplinary environment, which this programme aims to provide. With a focus on the fluid dynamical components of the climate system, practitioners will learn from mathematicians and statisticians about new tools and techniques to analyse these, while at the same time interesting new challenges for the mathematical community will emerge. The programme will address questions relating to geophysical fluid dynamics and forecasting, such as qualitative and statistical behaviour of geophysical models, response to deterministic and stochastic perturbations, sources of predictability at different spatial and temporal scales, forecast verification, and data assimilation. We will be taking both mathematical and statistical perspectives as well as applied and operational perspectives at the same time.

Full details, including how to take part, are here: here.