MPE Cafe 12 May 2021

We’re pleased to announce that our lunchtime Cafe meeting on 12 May 2021 will comprise a number of talks given by our students at recent or upcoming vEGU and SIAM conferences. Coincidentally, 12 May is the anniversary of Women in Maths, and these talks will be given by MPECDT women. Please contact if you would like to attend. Here is the programme:

12.50: Zoom call opens and delegates gather

13.00: Welcome by Jennifer Scott 

13.00: Swinda Falkena: “Non-Stationarity of Wintertime Atmospheric Circulation Regimes in the Euro-Atlantic Sector” (EGU talk) 

13.20: Ieva Dauzickaite: “Randomised preconditioning in data assimilation” (EGU and SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra (LA21) talk) 

13.40: Chiara Cecilia Maiocchi: “Unstable Periodic orbit sampling and shadowing dynamics in chaotic systems” (SIAM talk) 

14.00: 10 minute break 

14.10: Jennifer Israelsson: “’A flexible method for estimating correlation ranges in daily rainfall” (EGU talk) 

14.30: Mariana Clare: “Calibration, inversion and sensitivity analysis for sediment transport models through the application adjoint methods” (SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues 2021) 

14.50: Anticipated close of meeting