MPE Wednesday Seminar Series: Academic Year 2017/18 (Term 2)

JANUARY Location Speaker  Talk title
17 ICL Minimising Climate Risks event

24 ICL Dante Kalise Balza

(Imperial College London)

“Computational methods for optimisation & optimal control of PDEs”
31 UoR Phil Trinh

(University of Bath)

 “An introduction to the mathematical modelling oflithium-ion batteries”
7 ICL Claudia Schillings

(University of Mannheim)

“Analysis of Ensemble Kalman Inversion”
14 UoR Helen Burgess

(University of St Andrews)

“Vortex Scaling Ranges in Two-Dimensional Turbulence”
21 UoR (interview date) Richard Everitt

(University of Reading)

 28 ICL Aretha Teckentrup

(University of Edinburgh)

“Multilevel Sampling Methods for Large-Scale Bayesian Inverse Problems”
7 UoR Visit to ECMWF
14 ICL Jonathan Rougier

(University of Bristol)

“Apocalyptic volcanic super eruption that could DESTROY civilisation is much closer than we thought, say experts”
21 Jamboree 2018