MPE Wednesday Seminar Series for the Academic Year 2022/23

We are pleased to present our MPE Wednesday Seminar Series for the Academic Year 2021/22.

This series will be given by climate and weather scientists, industrial partners and mathematicians who will present an overview of their current research activity and how it’s shaping and contributing to tackle global challenges in oceans, weather and climate.




6th October 2021 Inaugural MPE Wednesday

Meadow Suite, University of Reading

10th November 2021

MPE Wednesday: Presentation of MOTR and HKO 2021 projects


8th December 2021 MPE Wednesday 170 Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, Imperial College London

19th January 2022

MPE Wednesday

9th February 2022

MPE Wednesday

Room 109, The Palmer Building, UoR
18th May 2022Students SymposiumICL
Academic Year 2022/23 MPE Wednesday Dates