MPE Wednesday Seminar Series – term 3 Academic Year 2015/16

We are delighted to announce the programme for  term 3,  MPE Wednesday Seminar Series.

APRIL 2016 Location Speaker Title
27 April Imperial College London Dr Paul Williams

(University of Reading)


Time-stepping schemes in weather and climate models


MAY 2016
4 May Imperial College London Prof Jan Zika

(Imperial College London)

Ocean water masses, global warming and the changing water cycle
11 May University of Reading Dr Almut Veraart

(Imperial College London)

Modelling multivariate serially correlated count data in continuous time
18 May Imperial College London Prof Rachel Kuske

(University of British Columbia)

New averaging results motivated by climate models: fat tails, oscillations, and tipping
25 May University of Reading Prof Arnaud Czaja

(Imperial College London)

The impact of extra-tropical oceans on climate:
“warm” and “cold”
JUNE 2016
1 June Imperial College London Prof Onno Bokhove

(University of Leeds)

On the Science of Floods:
Rainfall, Flooding, and Flood Control revisited in the Design of a Table-Top Model
8 June University of Reading Prof Nancy Nichols

(University of Reading)

Why is it hard to solve the problem of data assimilation?