Opening of the 2nd Maths of Planet Earth Exhibition in London

The opening of the MPE exhibition took place last Saturday, at the main entrance to Imperial College London. The MPE CDT Directors, Prof Dan Crisan and Prof Jennifer Scott warmly welcomed all attendees and introduced this event to the public. They also gave  a brief summary of the MPE CDT Programme and its activities. The opening was attended by many guests which included: Dr Sara Nahon (UNESCO), Prof David van Dyk (Head of Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London), Jocelyne Erhel (INRIA; Research Group Leader for “Simulating the melting of ice caps” – an award winning Interactive Computer Simulation), Laurent Chaminade laurent (World Scientific Publishing), Prof Mireille Chaleyat-Maurel (Université Paris VI, Jury Chair of the second international competition for MPE exhibition). The exhibition is attracting great interest, not only within the research community but also from the general public. The exhibition will be open until Sunday, 29 October.

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The Exhibition was officially declared open by Prof Mireille Chaleyat-Maurel from Université Paris VI  who also presented the prizes for the second international competition for MPE exhibition.

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Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) together with UNESCO and IMAGINARY started an interactive mathematics exhibition, which was created by the community via an international competition. This project aims to showcase ways in which the mathematical sciences are useful for understanding our planet and addressing the challenges of sustainable development and global changes. The competition is part of the international Mathematics of Planet Earth initiative (MPE), a project devised by an international community of mathematicians and scientists. The Open Source MPE Exhibition was originally initiated by the community through the first international competition in 2013 and has been constantly growing since.From 2016 to 2017, a second competition was staged. The winners of the second international competition for exhibition modules for the Open Source Exhibition Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) were announced during the opening the of the MPE exhibition in London.

An international jury evaluated the 28 submissions from 16 countries and will award a total of US-$ 8 000 of prize money to the three winners:

1. “Simulating the melting of ice caps
Authors: Maëlle Nodet (University Grenoble 1), Jocelyne Erhel (Inria)
Country: France
Category: Software

2. “Powergrid Dynamics Simulation
Authors: Frank Hellmann and Paul Schultz (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)
Country: Germany
Category: Software



3. “EUHFORIA: modeling the dangers of the sun
Author: Christine Verbeke (KU Leuven)
Country: Belgium
Category: Film10 - 2919

The first prize was presented to author of the “Simulating the melting of ice caps” by Prof Mireille Chaleyat-Maurel. 

Additionally, some of the submitted modules were chosen by the jury for an honourable mention. This special MPE award  went to Louise Kerbiriou and Alison Allison for the module Dendritis, that was also the winning exhibit of the MPE CDT Mathematics of Planet Earth Competition 2017.