Pain Relief for Scientific Computing

Date: Wednesday, 11 October 2017
Time: 14:00 – 18:00
Venue: Rooms 341 and 342, Huxley
Campus: South Kensington Campus (#13 on the map)
Registration: Please register  here.
Organised by: CM HubFluid Dynamics across ScalesMathematics of Planet EarthTheory and Simulation of Materials and HiPEDS
Contact:  Please email Katerina Michalickova for details. 

Welcome to our fair that will take some pain away from starting with scientific computing!

Many students are expected to complete projects that require advanced scientific computing without being systematically taught basic computing skills. The Computational Methods Hub and a group of CDT students got together to see what could be done to help. We decided to throw a fair and to organise a peer network. The fair will feature informal exhibits dedicated to various tools essential to completing a successful scientific computing project. The Scientific Computing Support Network is coming in the autumn term and will be dedicated to connecting students (and anyone interested) across the College.


List of Exhibits

Creating better and faster code
Presenting tips and tricks for your code, come and discover common pitfalls in code development and how to fix them.

Scientific data formats
Share your data in common and space efficient formats.

Git + testing
This should be second nature to anyone. Share, track and backup your code and files with Git. Did you know that you can connect your repository to an automated testing procedure?

High Performance Computing at the College
No larger project can be completed without using a cetnral computing resource. Introducing the cluster computing at the College from a student perspective.


Introducing Scientific Computing Support Network
Introducing the network for scientific computing dedicated to connecting scientists new to scientfic computing to their more experienced counterparts. Are you new to a field, struggling with finding the right tools to do a job or do you just want to talk to a more experienced colleague? You might benefit from contacting the network.
Short talks
The afternoon will also include rotating short talks from the exhibit teams (the rotations start and 14:30, 15:30 and 16:30).
Code fair
Leverage work of your colleagues, don’t rewrite code that someone has already written (and optimised).

We cordially invite anyone who would like to present their scientific software package at the fair. If you are working on an open-source scientific computing project that would benefit others at the College, please let us know.
Help create a better scientific computing community
We welcome anyone who recognises that sharing hard-won computing experience with fellow students makes a difference. There is enough space for new exhibits and/or suggestions. We also invite everyone to register with the Scientific Computing Support Network.