The Dragon’s Den Final

The Dragon’s Den Final took place on the 27th July 2017 in Imperial Enterprise Lab in a showcase
format. Guests were invited to network, hear the pitches and judges’ questions, ask questions whilst
the judges deliberated and vote on their favourite team.

The judges for the event were:
Zoe Jervier, Global Talent Director at Entrepreneur First (EF)
Duncan Russell, Research Coordinator at Ocado Technology
Jim Newton, Global Market Development Director Company at McLaren Applied
Professor James Moore Jr., the Bagrit and Royal Academy of Engineering
Chair in Medical Device Design, and Director of Research for the Department of
Bioengineering at Imperial College London.
The final four teams selected & winners of the showcase event were as follows:
First Prize – £5,000: TAGLESS: Anti-graffiti coating. A protective anti-graffiti coating that can be applied onto a range of surfaces. It makes cleaning graffiti quick and convenient and can protect vulnerable buildings from weathering erosion. Team members: Liliane Auwerter & Marc Heitmann (Sustainable Civil Engineering), Alejandro Ortega Ancel (Dept .of Aeronautics), and Simon Francini (Dept. of Earth Science & Engineering).
Second Prize, £1,000: Reductive Systems: Providing automatic solutions to fire safety in commercial HVAC Systems. Team members: Charlie Houseago (HIPEDS), Golo Wimmer (Mathematics of Planet Earth) & Thomas Martineau (Neurotechnolgy)
Cocoon: A portable device for pushchairs to reduce child’s exposure to air pollution. Team members: Melissa Berthelot (HIPEDS CDT) & Martin Priessner (Neurotechnology CDT)
Company FX: An automated foreign exchange risk advisor for SMEs. Team members: Tianjiao Sun & Jo Schlemper (both HIPEDs)

Well done to all Cross-CDT Dragon’s Den teams for an amazing competition. Special congrats to MPE CDT Golo Wimmer and Reductive Systems team for 2nd prize.

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