MPE Wednesday Seminar Series: Academic Year 2017/18 (Term 1)

We are pleased to present our MPE Wednesday Seminar Series for term 1 of the Academic Year 2017/18. This series will be given by climate and weather scientists, industrial partners and mathematicians who will present an overview of their current research activity and how it’s shaping and contributing to tackle global challenges in oceans, weather and climate.

The inaugural lecture will be delivered by Prof Hans Engler from Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Georgetown University, on Wednesday, 11  October at Imperial College London.


OCTOBER Location Speaker Institution Title
11 ICL Hans Engler Georgetown University Student Projects on Mathematics of Planet Earth
18 UoR MOTR Presentations
25 UoR SandPit
1 ICL Apostolos Voulgarakis Department of Physics, Imperial College London Bridging gaps in environmental change studies: ozone depletion, air pollution and climate change
8 UoR Laurens de Haan Erasmus University On the maximum possible life span of humans. Did it change?
15 ICL Serge Guillas UCL  Uncertainty Quantification of complex computer models.
Applications to environmental and hazard models.
22 UoR Peter Deuben ECMWF To reduce numerical precision to achieve higher accuracy in weather and climate modelling
29 ICL Etienne Mémin University of Rennes  Stochastic representation  of fluid flow dynamics
6  UoR Gavin Esler  UCL Noise-induced vortex-splitting stratospheric sudden warmings