The MPE CDT Jamboree 2017 Awards

The MPE CDT research excellence was again reflected by the breadth and depth of oral and poster research presentations at this year’s Jamboree. The MPE CDT was pleased to offer a number of awards and prizes during this event.

MPE CDT MRes Student Award to Lea Oljaca and Riccardo Passaggeri. The prizes were sponsored by the Department of Mathematics , Imperial College London and awarded by Professor Richard Craster (Head of Mathematics Department, Imperial College London).

186 - 0276185 - 0274

MPE CDT MRes Project  to Thomas Gibson, Jemima Tabeart and Thomas Bendall). The prizes were sponsored by Springer Verlag and awarded by Rémi Lodh (Editor, Mathematics, Springer Verlag).

187 - 0279188 - 0282 189 - 0287

MPE CDT Outstanding Interdisciplinary Research Award to Michael Haigh. The prize was awarded by Katharine Moore (EPSRC, Mathematics Portfolio Manager).

190 - 0288

Best MRes Oral Presentation Award to Matthew Ives and Imogen Dell. The prizes were sponsored by Climate KIC and awarded by Professor Jennifer Scott (MPE CDT Director, University of Reading).

191 - 0292192 - 0295

Best Poster Presentation Award to Hinesh Chotai and Thomas Gibson. The prizes were sponsored by Cambridge University Press and awarded by David Tranah (Editorial Director, Cambridge University Press)

193 - 0299194 - 0302

MPE CDT Recognition of Research with High Societal and Environmental Impact Award to Zoe Goss. The award was presented by Professor Jo Haigh (Co-Director of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change&Environment)

195 - 0305

MPE CDT Ambassador Award to Paulina Rowinska and Thomas Bendall. The prizes were sponsored by WSPC and awarded by Laurent Chaminade (Editorial Director, WSPC).

196 - 0308197 - 0312
MPE CDT Teaching Award to Tasmin Symons and Aythami Bethencourt De Leon. The awards were presented by Professor Darryl Holm (Imperial College London, MPE CDT Cohort Mentor).

198 - 0315199 - 0319
MPE CDT Partner Engagement Award to Josephine Park and Paulina Rowinska. The awards were presented by Dr Chloe Stockford (EPSRC Programme Project Manager, Mathematics Department, Imperial College London).

201 - 0324200 - 0320
MPE CDT Inter-Institutional Engagement Award to Oana Lang.  The prize was sponsored by the Department of Mathematics, University of Reading and awarded by Dr Jochen Broecken (MPECDT Co-Director, University of Reading).

202 - 0326

MPE CDT Outreach Ambassador Award  to Goodwin Gibbins and Matt Garrod. The awards were presented by Jill Hazelton (Former MPE CDT Manager, University of Reading).

203 - 0331
MPE CDT Leadership Award to Giulia Carigi and Joe Wallwork. The awards were presented by Dr Tobias Kuna (University of Reading, Cohort Mentor).

204 - 0332 205 - 0336
MPE CDT Aligned Student Award to Alastair Gregory. The award was presented by Professor John Gibbon (Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London)

206 - 0339
MPE CDT Industrial Group Award to Group A: Tobias Schwedes, Thomas Bendall, Riccardo Passeggeri, Peter Shatwell, Matthew Ives, Maximilian Engel, Zoe Goss, Tasmin Symons and Laura Mansfield. The award was presented by Thom Brain (Research Liaison Officer, Department of Mathematics).

207 - 0341