LMS Research School, Mathematics of Climate, 8-12 July, 2019

LMS Research School Mathematics of Climate 8-12 July, 2019 University of Reading, Room Phillip Lyle G74, Campus_Map) Organised in partnership with London Mathematical Society Research lying at the intersection between mathematics and geoscience has been gaining more and more prominence in recent years, e.g. the worldwide Year of Mathematics for Planet Earth 2013 which incited a lot of activities. The… Read more »

Announcing the 5th Annual MPE CDT Jamboree: 18- 20 March 2019

Announcing the 5th Annual MPE CDT Jamboree (2019), taking place on 18- 20 March 2019 at the Imperial College London. The Jamboree provides an excellent forum for multidisciplinary interaction and engagement between industry and academia, as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas and approaches to tackling global challenges in oceans, weather and climate. It… Read more »