MRes Presentation List Order

1. Catherine Wells: ‘Just plane efficient…’
2. Calvin Nesbitt: ‘The dynamic earth’
3. Lily Greig: ‘A Turbulent Tale of Sea Ice’
4. Sam Harrison: ‘Shaping Stalactites’
5. Oliver Phillips: ‘Listening to Ice’
6. Oliver Street: ‘How do oceans carry our plastic bags?’
7. Philipp Breul:’Jet Shifts During Climate Change’
8. Swinda Falkena: ‘Wexit: How the winds divide Europe’
9. James Woodfield: ‘Wave Interactions’
10. Chiara Maiocchi: ‘Gone by the Wind’
11. Manu Sidhu: ‘Mathematical modelling study of battery degradation for reducing emission effects on climate change’
12. Robin Evers: ‘TBC’
13. Thomas Gregory: ‘Oceans Numerics, The Next Generation’
14. Lois Baker: ‘Turbulent Mixing in the Deep Ocean’
15. Ryo Kurashina: ‘The Oceans And Our Climate’
16. Niccolo Zagli: ‘TBC’