See below for an extensive list of MPE Posters that will be on Display on Wednesday 20th March at 12 noon in 402A.

Adriaan Hilbers
Importance subsampling: improving power system planning under climate-based uncertainty.

Alexander Alecio
Interacting Particle Systems and Climate Modelling

Ben Ashby
Adaptive nite element methods for landslide prediction

Ben Snowball
Sparse Spectral Methods on Disk Slices

Birgit Sutzl
Mean flow and momentum transport in heterogeneous urban canopies

Elena Saggioro
SH stratosphere-troposphere coupling in the spring-to-summer transition: a Time-series Causal Networks approach

Erwin Luesink
Gravity waves in rotating shallow water

George Chappelle
Non-autonomous and random compartmental systems with applications to the terrestrial carbon cycle

Georgios Sialounas
Hierarchical Model Adaptivity

Giulia Carigi
Linear Response Theory for a GFD model

Golo Wimmer
Compatible finite element methods in a Hamiltonian framework

Ieva Dauzickaite
A Comparison of 2 × 2 and 3 × 3 Block Saddle Point Formulations of Weak Constraint 4D-Var

Imogen Dell
Troposphere-Stratosphere Coupling and Resonant Over-Re ection of Rossby Waves: The Role of Critical Layer Nonlinearity

Ivis Kerama
Convergence ofMarkovchains with adaptive approximate transitionkernels

Joseph Wallwork
Goal Oriented Error Estimation for Tidal Turbine Modelling

Laura Mansfield
Predicting future climate response to emissions without running complex climate models

Leonardo Ripoli
Constructing Parameterisations for GFD Systems: a Comparative Approach

Louis Sharrock
Large Scale Inference with Applications to Environmental Monitoring

Manuel Santos Gutierrez
Response Theory for Finite Markov Chains

Mariana Clare
Advanced numerical techniques to model sediment transport in the coastal zone

Niraj Agarwal
Data-driven reduced order modelling of multi scale ocean variabilities

Rhys Thompson
Statistical analysis of mid-latitude electric field ULF wave power models with varying complexities, during geomagnetic storms

Sebastiano Roncoroni
Nonlinear transient adjustment of the Southern Ocean to wind stress changes

Stuart Patching
Stochastic Averaging on the Lorenz ’86 system

Tsz Yan Adrian Leung
Atmospheric predictability: the origins of the nite-time behaviour