Workshop on Modern Mathematics for Complex Systems, 29-30 June 2022

The quest for a unifying framework to describe complex systems out of equilibrium has recently produced numerous promising results. This workshop will aim to bundle some of these advances, bringing together different perspectives to trigger new ideas and equip young researchers with cutting-edge tools and knowledge.

To this end, the workshop will focus on two main themes:

  • Turbulence on day 1 
  • Dynamics and Transfer Operator Theory on day 2 .  

Topics of the conference include:

  • Out-of-equilibrium dynamics
  • Spatio-temporal chaos
  • Periodic Orbit Theory
  • Critical transitions (tipping points) in high-dimensional systems
  • Rare, extreme and persistent events and large deviations.

This conference to be in-person and there will also be the opportunity to register for online attendance. 

The conference will include poster sessions and social events. Applications are particularly encouraged from early career researchers and PhD students.

More information, including details about registration, are here.