Workshop: Tackling Urban Challenges Using Environmental Data

On the 26th October, the MPE CDT along with Satellite Catapult Applications and the Greater London Authority, organised this successful event to explore new ways of collaboration focused on air quality, extreme weather resilience, and flooding.

This half-day event brought together representatives of Greater London Authority, UK’s Environment Agency, key academics from institutions such as Imperial College London, University of Reading, University of Leeds and industry experts (e.g.g NPL, Air Worldwide, Satellite Applications Catapult, EDF, Willis) to explore new ways of collaboration in the areas of Air Quality, Low Carbon Technologies, and Flooding. The event was organised in response to a draft London Environment Strategy which has been published on 11 August by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The Mayor is taking a range of actions to improve the environment now, setting London on the path to create a better future. The Mayor of London wants London to be the world’s greenest global city, this will mean making it greener, cleaner and ready for the future.

The event began with the talk by Daniel Barrett of the Greater London Authority who delivered a keynote talk which covered the Mayor’s draft London Environment Strategy. Industry experts talked about the areas of Air Quality, Extreme Weather Resilience, and Flooding. The talks were followed by breakout sessions where the academics and industrialists engaged in interactive solution workshops which acted as a consultation to the draft London Environment Strategy. More information about the draft strategy and the consultation can be found  here. We also endeavoured to create new partnerships and discuss future collaborations between attendees.

The presentations from the day are available here:

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